Transformers Premium Edition: Best Buy Exclusive Megatron Review

This is officially our favorite incarnation of the 2007 live-action film version of Megatron. Granted that he is still nowhere even close to the awesomeness of his Generation 1 incarnate, this all new metallic paint job does a good job of making him acceptable and shelf worthy. The original release of the Decepticon leader was a massive disappointment, with large blue-gray parts that looked like out of place icicles (which were supposed to represent that he was encased in ice). Even worse was the fact that the ice-parts could not be removed as they were part of the torso and other important pieces of the toy. Thankfully, the Best Buy Exclusive version of the TF Premium series, Voyager Megatron is better.

Transformers Premium Edition: Best Buy Exclusive Megatron

Anyway, live-action movie Megatron is in full Cybertron form -which means that his vehicle mode is nothing remotely close to earth-like. That being said, the transformed mode leaves much to be designed. The wing spans are ridiculously short and the legs stick out of the back making his form look more like a disproportioned battleship than a proper sky-worthy plane. Still, the organic-metal finish on the details instantly tells the viewer that Megatron has no care for adapting to Earth based technology, and in robot form, he is as menacing as ever.

The biggest flaw of the toy in robot mode is the height. In the film, Optimus and Megatron were easily the tallest ones you would see -sadly, even this premium version doesn't scale any better when put alongside other TF movie toys. Alone however, and you can get some rather menacing pictures of him.

Gone are the light gray and bluish effects of the original, Premium Voyager Megatron's metallic finish uses a palette of steel gray and glossy black, turning the "ice" bits into menacing looking spikes. The pincer style feet not only look good, but also does a great job at keeping the Decepticon well balanced even when doing various poses. We also appreciate having the large blaster on the arm -while it still does not come close to the original, it will have to do. Our favorite addition is the red lights on the head -which add a whole lot of depth to the otherwise basic looking mold. The articulation on the feet, arms, legs and torso allows for a good range of movement, though we did feel a bit of creakiness in the torso swivel -but that just might be an isolated issue.

It is easy to spot this figure -the box itself has a large "Best Buy Exclusive" sticker on the upper left and a label on the lower right indicating the metallic finish. Thanks to the mostly transparent packaging, it will be easy to see the toy without having to open the box -allowing you to see if there are any cracks or visible damage to the toy. Unlike other toys in the "premium" line, the Best Buy Exclusive Megatron has no additional box marking designating it to the premium label -though it is generally accepted by official Transformers sites and fans that the figure is indeed part of the set.