Race Car Toys and Sets

1. Hot Wheels Batman 75th Anniversary: Complete set of 8 Diecast Cars

Hot Wheels Batman 75th Anniversary: Complete set of 8 Diecast Cars

A must-have for true blue fans of the Dark Knight and Hot Wheels collectors alike, the Hot Wheels Batman 75th Anniversary set consists of 8 die cast models of iconic vehicles from the series. Namely, there's the Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile, The Batman Batmobile, The Batman Batcopter, Batman Movie Batmobile, The Bat from The Dark Knight Rises, Batman The Brave & The Bold Batmobile Batman Live Batmobile and Batman Arkham Asylum Batmobile.

Individually packaged, these miniatures will look good in display with or without their boxes. The vehicles are uniformly colored in either glossy or matte mercury black. Small details and metallic highlights add a touch of class to the 1:64 scale models. Each one comes with artwork depicting the Batman series they come from and will make a perfect gift for both adults and kids ages 3 and above.

2. Lego 10248 Creator - Ferrari F40

Castle Lego

Enjoy building your very own Ferrari F40 using 1158 assorted LEGO pieces and amazing, little built-in details such as side air intakes and headlights. This "LEGO Creator Expert replica" is truly a marvel with a 90 degree, biturbo V8 engine installed beneath its hinged rear hatch. Swing the doors open and behold an authentic car interior complete with red racing seats, a steering wheel marked with the official Ferrari logo and even cabled handles. The hood can also be popped open to reveal a roomy luggage compartment with tools. Molded rim inserts and anti-slip tires complete the look of this luxurious LEGO model for fans of the bricks and the beloved race car alike.

The LEGO 10248 Creator Ferrari F40 is over 8cm (3") in height, 27cm (10") in length and 14cm in width (5"). As a Ferarri-endorsed product, this LEGO replica is truly a thing of beauty. Accurate, delicately designed details make this a must-have for collectors everywhere.

3. Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

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Technology meets good old car racing with the Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit. Race and battle other robotic Supercars using your mobile phone. This set lets you build your own tracks in mere seconds. Once you've settled on a location, choose between GroundShock and Skull then race against a friend. Or, if you want to, the AI support lets you test your racing skills against the program, letting it control the Supercar and react to your moves. Each of the Supercars have unique weapon systems as well as the ability to think on their own and adjust to racing conditions. Customize their weapons, speed and defenses through various in-game upgrades and dominate in Anki OVERDRIVE Tournaments.

There are several game modes for you to enjoy, namely, Race, Battle, King of the Hill and Time Trial. With 10 Anki OVERDRIVE magnetic track parts, you can setup up to 8 different battlefields. Not enough track pieces for an epic setup you've imagined? Using the Speed Kit, you can add 10 more variations to this, bringing your total to 18 tricky track setups. You can add climbs, curves or, if speed is the only thing you need, you can also go purely for straights. Switch tracks in seconds and enjoy the Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit with friends or alone with AI Commanders. It's fun and it lets you play the way you want to.

4. Micro Scalextric G1083 James Bond 007 Skyfall 1:64 Scale Race Set

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James Bond has always been unquestioningly loyal to M, that is, until some secrets from the past come to light. With the MI6 compromised, it's up to Bond to find and eliminate the unknown threat. Follow the trail to re-enact scenes from the exciting film or stage your own chase scenes using the Micro Scalextric G1083 James Bond 007 Skyfall Race Set. This 1:64 scale kit features two sleek vehicles: the iconic, silver Aston Martin DB5 and the black Aston Martin DBS V12.

It's classic versus modern with this Micro Scalextric set. The Aston Martin DB5 has appeared in 7 James Bond films and is the most recognized car in the series; the Aston Martin DBS V12 has been spotted in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and a couple of official video games. Both are modeled with Scalextric's signature standards so you can expect accuracy in minute details. The two come with a 3.70m long track with pick-up braids that make it easy to get the cars off or on the track. The vehicles themselves are designed to be tough and are super resistant -- perfect for young racing fans.

To ensure that they don't fly off the braids, the cars are built with extra strong magnets, ensuring a perfect grip even on tricky sections of a setup. Micro Scalextric sets come with easy tracks that are compact and simple to build and rebuild, making for a no fuss assembly and clean up after each play. The default set doesn't require a huge amount of space either, which makes it a great option for anyone who want to turn a small space into a fantastic play room.