Gift Shopping Made Easy: Transformers Premium Edition: Robo Vision Optimus Prime Review

Robo Vision Optimus Prime

Available only at Target, this early-released Optimus Prime was much in demand among fans who wanted to get a first look at how the Autobot leader would appear in the film. While significantly smaller than the larger version of movie Optimus (the bigger one has electronics), the Robo Vision edition sports a transformation sequence that is a lot more loyal to the film, and also, a few nifty details that some fans would love. One of the things that the movie version touts is that the "transformation sequences" take into account the actual volume and mass of the Autobot -while that may seem to mean that the toys should be easier to transform like they do in the film, it really is not so.

Now, since most of you already know what the original Optimus Prime looks like and how different the movie counterpart is, we will not go into a side by side comparison. But there are a few distinct transformation details that are often considered important. First off, the windshield serves as the main chest piece. Second, the limbs; arms form the sides of the truck (with the shoulders being the part where the smokestacks are, and forearms heading straight for the front), the legs are the back (along with the wheels). The Robo Vision does well to follow these basics -though the chest piece does not transform properly (you to attach a separate windshield to complete the effect), and the s

In vehicle mode, movie Prime's smokestacks and gas tanks can be swung forwards to turn them into giant gun turrets -which are pretty fun thanks to the spring loaded missiles. Purists will notice that in vehicle form, Optimus is no longer a Freightliner FL86 (which is the fan favorite), instead, the movie version of the Autobot leader has taken on the Peterbilt 379 -which is significantly different for the fact that it has a long nose (instead of not having a nose at all). While this has been a massive aesthetic disappointment for fans, the adjustment is, in a way, realistic -since the Peterbilt is not only the largest truck around (meaning Prime would not have to adjust so much in terms of size), but it is also more likely to be found on the roads. The spitfire decal certainly does have a bit of a modern feel to the whole thing.

Robo Vision Optimus Prime

Of all the details on this Premium edition Optimus Prime, our favorite is the virtual driver. Yep, the toy manufacturers added in a nifty little something for the fans -a cowboy hat wearing little gray man appears at the steering wheel in vehicle mode (and flips behinds the cab seats automatically when the door is opened). This pseudo-driver is actually none other than Peter Cullen himself, who provides the voice of Optimus Prime in the original series, the movie, and the new animated productions. For those of you arguing that the gray figure may just be any random guy in a cowboy hat, the Transformers Alliance comics clears this up: in issue the one, the holo driver is distinctively shown as an image of Peter.

For a store-exclusive piece, Transformers Premium Robo Vision Optimus Prime is a bit of a rare find these days, and while it will not match up to the Generation One versions, it certainly is the best one you can get among the live action movie versions of the toy.